Back To School!

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Just look at those happy kids! Wouldn't it be lovely if all children could feel this way? At the Humanity Project, helping children to live healthy, happy and productive lives is our mission. And much of our work happens in the schools. 

Even before the 2018-19 school year has started, the Humanity Project has been in South Florida schools in a big way. This includes our August 2nd Back-to-School event at Morrow Elementary School, where we'll work to create an environment of respect among all students throughout this academic year. The Morrow event was a huge success, sponsored by our good friends at Children's Services Council of Broward County. Just check out some of the photos, most of them taken by our own Leadership Council member, Keith Spencer. Thanks, Keith, CSC Broward, Morrow Elementary -- and the dozen or so Humanity Project staffers and volunteers who helped out. We can't wait for the first school bell of 2018 to ring!

A very happy child ... 

Hundreds of kids and parents attended the big Morrow event

Some sticky fun for kids

One of the wonderful families at Morrow

Our "Relay 4 Respect" at Morrow Elementary