These are only a few of the many testimonials offered about the Humanity Project’s acclaimed work since our founding in 2005. Full unedited copies of these and other letters, emails and news articles are available upon request.

Endeavor Primary Learning Center -- Sept 2014 322.JPG

Jodi W., elementary school principal

“By working with a select group of 4th grade leaders, the Antibullying Through The Arts program has had a positive impact on the school culture. Students have learned how to identify bullying, how to prevent bullying, and how to build positive relationships through interactive events led by the Humanity Club student leaders. Since the induction of the program, we have seen a reduction in behavioral incidents, particularly in 4th and 5th grades, by 47%”

Joanne J., Youth force team leader, Memorial Healthcare Systems

“As a program coordinator it has been a pleasure working with the Humanity Project, which reinforces the idea of respect for all people despite race, gender or sexual orientation. The Humanity Project has a positive impact not only on the students they have worked with but also for the school community.”



State Farm, Good Neighbors Magazine

“The Humanity Project … creates innovative, arts-based programs to help youth solve social problems.”

Orika C., Parks Manager

“Thanks for offering the Humanity Project at our park this past summer. The program focused on building life skills for the young girls ages 9-10. The group of 10 handpicked girls were equipped with knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime.”