Volunteer Opportunities 

  •  Events & Community Outreach - Want to help carry the Humanity Project message of “equality for each, respect for all” to more people who need to learn about it? Just get in touch with us: Contact the Humanity Project. We’d love to have your help at community events — or to have you create your own ways to connect more folks with the Humanity Project campaign for equality and respect!

  • Humanity Club Mentor - The Humanity Project needs mentors for our Humanity Club program. You’ll be working alongside our founder and other key members of the Humanity Project team to teach the values of equality and respect to young student leaders, who then take that message to their peers. Contact the Humanity Project.

  • Humanity Project Speakers Bureau - Our One Common Humanity program needs speakers from the LGBTQ community as well as people of color and women. We’re looking for individuals with powerful personal stories and a willingness to share them openly and honestly. We will work with you to shape your story and presentation skills before asking you to meet with local churches and other groups — and we will be there with you every step of the way to make sure all goes well. Interested? Contact the Humanity Project.

  • Humanity Project Leadership Council - This select group of parents and kids advises the Humanity Project on program content, community outreach and fundraising. And it’s fun! Leadership Council members can get creative by putting together videos and other kid-friendly content for the Humanity Project. To talk with us about joining, please email info@thehumanityproject.com with “Leadership Council” in the subject line.

Interested in any of these volunteer opportunities? 

Contact us!