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Welcome to the Humanity Project!® Our work is “helping kids to help kids”™ (and sometimes parents too). We hope you’ll explore our great free online resources, including our blogs, podcasts, videos, music, writings for parents and educators. You’ll find links to two other Humanity Project websites created especially for kids. Check out our PeacePage, our social media – and be sure to read about our free programs. Consider joining our work by sponsoring, donating or volunteering. At the Humanity Project you will meet others like you who want to improve our world … and you’ll discover our unique efforts to make those improvements real. Thanks for visiting our website!


Our mission is to create innovative arts-based programs that help youth solve pressing social problems through collaborative efforts that emphasize the value of each individual.

This brief Hollywood-style movie trailer about the Humanity Project will show you what we do.


About Us

Behind The Humanity Project, a 501c(3), we are adults helping kids to help kids. We bring together young people to help their peers (and sometimes parents) solve tough problems such as bullying, teen driver safety and teenage social isolation – issues where we can offer our experience and expertise. Together we create and implement all-original programs that reduce these problems while strengthening respect for the individual and promoting self-value. We call our unique approach “shared value.” Our vision is to make our original empirically based philosophy of shared value recognized worldwide, with our programs, writings and other materials available to every youth who can benefit from them. Learn more about our fantastic Board of Directors here.

How We Do This

 Through practical, hands-on applications of our science-based philosophy of “shared value,” an original concept created by the Humanity Project’s founder, Bob Knotts. These applications include our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program for elementary school children in addition to a myriad of other programs that can be viewed here.

Our Core Values

All Humanity Project programs are based on a set of three core values:

  • Respect for all
  • The importance of diversity
  • The need for self-worth
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