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Sponsored by State Farm and Our Fund

We talk with Dr. Matt Kriz, a Canadian professor of English and Women’s Studies, about feminism and issues facing the fight for gender equality: 33 minutes

A freewheeling conversation just days in advance of Goodstock, the Humanity Project’s all-day music festival and fundraiser … held exactly 50 years after Woodstock: 32 minutes

New Humanity Project Podcast Co-host, Matt Corey, has a conversation with multi-talented performer and humanitarian, Richard Magesis: 30 minutes

Humanity Project Founder, Bob Knotts, is interviewed about his new book, which tackles psychological and philosophical issues of significance to the Humanity Project and its followers: 35 minutes

This podcast discusses a special State Farm program where dozens of everyday citizens can earn $25,000 to improve their community.: 20 minutes

Storms hammer every part of the United States, with hurricanes and other wind events often doing major damage as the planet warms. What should we each do to protect ourselves before those winds blow? A special Humanity Project Podcast offered as a public service: 21 minutes

What can parents do to help teenagers survive their most dangerous years on our roads? In the United States, auto crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths. We discuss the problem, and solutions, with a longtime State Farm community specialist and the Florida state coordinator for Students Against Destructive Decisions: 38 minutes

A very special interview with a very special person: Lotsy Dotsy (Linda Herbert) is the longtime clown at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. She offers heartfelt memories of the kids she’s helped to heal … and the kids who were beyond her aid. Originally recorded in August 2013, this re-posted program is among our favorite shows since the Humanity Project began taping podcasts in March 2006. (The Humanity Project has recorded 117 podcasts to date.): 34 minutes

Each autumn, National Good Neighbor Day is celebrated in the United States. The national holiday was created by President Jimmy Carter to encourage building a sense of local community. We discuss the holiday (and some Humanity Project news) with Jose Soto, a top official in Florida for State Farm — “the Good Neighbor Company”: 35 minutes

The Humanity Project's major sponsor, State Farm, is helping us to create an innovative online experience to show parents how to teach safe respectful driving to their teen motorists. More teenagers die from auto crashes in the U.S. than from any other cause. We talk about the project and related issues with a knowledgeable State Farm community specialist and a longtime State Farm agent: 42 minutes

We talk with Guided Visualization Artist Bethany Auriel-Hagan, whose work offers insights into self-acceptance and self-worth: 50 minutes

Our guests are the current and immediate past presidents of the Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Network in a wide-ranging discussion related to LGBTQ equality: 40 minutes

We talk with two transgender women who work to improve life for the trans community, focusing on the challenges confronted by transgender people; 46 minutes

Sponsored by State Farm, the Humanity Project now offers a free live workshop for parents of teen drivers. We talk about the program and other safe driving issues with a State Farm community specialist and a longtime State Farm agent: 34 minutes

This special podcast was recorded live in Wilton Manors, Florida in March 2017, a story slam as part of a traveling Smithsonian exhibit called, The Way We Worked: 46 minutes


Our Podcast Archives


This discussion focuses on an important new Spanish language school and a valuable new Humanity Project partner, ELE USAL Florida: 33 minutes

LGBT issues are on the front burner for this podcast, an interview with two top executives from the LGBT community foundation called Our Fund, a Humanity Project sponsor: 35 minutes

We interview two parents and a State Farm community specialist about a new Humanity Project effort to prevent distracted teen driving: 38 minutes

We talk with a teen and her father as well as a State Farm representative about a new Humanity Project program, which shows parents how to help their teenagers prevent auto crashes: 34 minutes

The program is a new conversation with Jose Soto of State Farm about their popular annual teen safe driving campaign called Celebrate My Drive: 23 minutes

Dr. Laura Finley, Humanity Project Board VP and Associate Professor at Barry University, discusses her new book, “School Violence,” and her other work to promote peace: 32 minutes

We interview Kim Trumbo, founder of the popular Generosity Philosophy Podcast, about her efforts to shine a light on people who are working to help others: 38 minutes

We talk about the big expansion of the Humanity Project’s I Care teen driver safety program, made possible by a new grant from State Farm: 35 minutes

A conversation with two Florida high school students working to help the Humanity Project’s I Care program prevent teen traffic accidents, injuries and deaths: 32 minutes

We discuss a major national campaign to help teens watch the road more carefully when they drive: 30 minutes

We present selections from the Humanity Project I Care teen driver safety program and talk with an official of State Farm, a major Humanity Project sponsor: 26 minutes

A celebration of 100 podcasts by the Humanity Project: 34 minutes