A Great Partner: Our Fund

It’s no secret. Money is the lifeblood of any nonprofit. We wish it weren’t so — but it is. Without money, the Humanity Project can’t work with kids, parents and other adults to inspire respect for the equal value of individuals and the unique value of humanity. We can’t provide our acclaimed antibullying program or our innovative Humanity Club. Our Fund understands this — and recently awarded the Humanity Project and 20 other fine nonprofits generous funding to continue our work.

We are deeply grateful to everyone at Our Fund, including the Board of Directors, the Grant Committee, and the great staff that includes Mark Blaylock and Obed Caballero. But we especially must thank Our Fund’s amazing CEO, David Jobin, who is an admired friend among the South Florida LGBTQ community and beyond. David works tirelessly to make this the most livable place in the United States for the LGBTQ population … and thereby, more enjoyable, more diverse and yes more livable for everyone. Our Fund is the third largest LGBTQ foundation in the country and we thank them for this important recent $10,000 in funding for the Humanity Project’s work.

So let us finish up this online acknowledgement and thank you by showing you something we believe you’ll like. This is a new 2-minute video we recently uploaded to the Humanity Project YouTube channel. It shows unscripted honest thoughts about our Humanity Club by a few of the girls who took part in the program at Morrow Elementary School in North Lauderdale, Florida from September 2018 through June 2019. These girls are future leaders who learned through the Humanity Club about the importance of respect for every human being, regardless of who that person loves, how they dress or anything else. They in turn helped their entire school understand these same lessons … and now will take their knowledge with them to spread among their peers in future years. This is how a community achieves equality. It should make you smile. And should make you appreciate the support of Our Fund all the more. That’s certainly our reaction here at the Humanity Project.

Thank you, Our Fund!! Here’s that video: Watch the new Humanity Project YouTube video!

Our Fund: The Podcast


We will keep this post very brief today for one good reason. We hope you’ll listen rather than read.

There’s a new Humanity Project Podcast recently posted here on our website and on iTunes. We spoke with two top officials from Our Fund, the LGBT community foundation that now sponsors the Humanity Project’s Anti-bullying Through The Arts and Humanity Club programs — and we think you’ll find the conversation entertaining and informative. The program also includes a brand new piece of music composed by Humanity Project Founder Bob Knotts especially for this program, a short classical piece called, “Elegy for Orlando.”

Please take a listen. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what you hear: For the new Our Fund podcast, click here or on the Our Fund logo.  (Then just click once more on the arrow at the top of the page to launch the program. Volume adjustment activates once the podcast is playing.)

**Note: For iPhones, click here to visit the Humanity Project Podcast on iTunes.