Respect, At Our Core

Respect is at the center of everything the Humanity Project does, at the core of all we try to offer kids and parents. If you look over our home page carefully, you'll find respect among our three stated organizational values: Respect. Diversity. Self-worth. 

And when you stop to think about those three concepts, they all amount to the same thing in a way. Both an appreciation of diversity and an embrace of self-worth also require respect at their foundation. To seek diversity first requires respecting other individuals, other groups, other nations. We must understand the importance of seeking out the experiences of a wide variety of people from many places and many backgrounds. Similarly, self-worth obviously is just another form of respect. Respect for ourselves, our intrinsic value as individual human beings. 

When you put the three values together as we do at the Humanity Project, they provide the basis for action that promotes and teaches respect in all its forms.  Respect, as a key to improving life for everyone on Planet Earth. We hope you'll join our work by contacting us to express support. Or by volunteering with us. By starting a Humanity Project chapter in your community, maybe. Or by donating to our important efforts. Respect is the value at our core here at the Humanity Project, underlying all our free programs and free materials. Take a look for yourself by exploring this website. Then, please, help us spread the word ...