Welcoming Our Latest Sponsor

Today we officially welcome our new sponsor, Bennett Intellectual Property. The community-minded owner is attorney Allen F. Bennett and, as you might assume, his specialty is intellectual property law. We are very glad Allen has joined our growing family of impressive sponsors.

Allen is the reason that the Humanity Project is now the Humanity Project® ... That small R in the center of a circle actually is a very big deal. It means that our name is formally protected under U.S. trademark law -- and no one can use it without our permission. We are THE Humanity Project from now on. Allen Bennett handled this important legal case for us pro bono and so joined the Humanity Project family. 

We surely can recommend Allen's work. He was efficient and effective as our representative as well as unfailingly pleasant in all our interactions. He got the job done right and got it done as quickly as possible. What more can you ask of a lawyer? So yes, we welcome Allen F. Bennett, Attorney at Law, to the Humanity Project® , We are proud to have him on our side.