See Our Program for Yourself


A short post today about a video you really should see. Most Humanity Project friends and supporters have never had the chance to attend one of our live, in-school anti-bullying presentations. Now, though, you can view some very brief excerpts in this YouTube video. 

Our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program is the Humanity Project’s powerful response to the national bullying problem in our schools. We tackle it head-on, but in a way that’s also fun, artsy and memorable. Basically we go into elementary schools and, in a variety of ways, send this message over and over: “Bullying hurts everyone in this school – and it takes everyone to stop it!” Then we show the young kids why this is true and how to take constructive action. Anti-bullying Through The Arts helps students who are being bullied as well as bystanders and, yes, even the bullies to feel better about themselves by stopping bullying. That’s the common denominator in all Humanity Project programs, by the way: Each one taps into a student’s need for social approval to motivate action that brings about individual development and grassroots community improvement. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the video link. And please, share this blog with a friend or family member. Working together, we can dramatically reduce school bullying in our schools.