Get in Touch with Us


We love to hear from you! And yes, we are available to help when you need something from us. How do you get in touch with the Humanity Project? Well, there are several ways. First, of course, go to the Contact page above. You’ll find our phone number and email address. If we’re not immediately able to talk with you, we’ll get back to you very soon. Then there’s our social media. Look over on the upper left side of this home page and you’ll see them: Social media tabs for our main pages. (We actually have additional pages on Facebook and Twitter but these icons will take you to our major social media sites.) You can always send us a message or post something on those pages. And though the Humanity Project isn’t a crisis center or hotline, we now offer something for teens who need help right away. Check out our amazing teen-created website for socially isolated teenagers, including many LGBT students. — “The Humanity Project 4 Kids!” It now includes a national hotline, something we can provide through our partnership with the North American Alliance of Child Helplines. Here’s a link to our info page for kids about this hotline: …

I’m telling you all this today for a couple of reasons. First, because we want to hear from you. We’d welcome your feedback, suggestions and any support you may care to provide for our efforts. Second, I will be out of the country for a few weeks starting soon. NO Humanity Project money is being spent on this travel, by the way. But I’ll be in some exotic places for a while. In my absence, Humanity Project Vice President Gabriela Pinto will be in charge of things. Again, you can contact us as always through our Contact page info or social media. The Humanity Project is always here for you … through our websites, through our social media and more. To see what we offer, browse through this main website — there’s a lot already posted here that may help answer your questions about things like school bullying or teen driver safety. And if not, feel free to get in touch with us. No kidding, we love to hear from you!