Thanking Our Sponsors


Sometimes you just have to stop and say, “Thanks!” That’s what I’d like to do with this brief post. Thanks to those who make it possible for the Humanity Project to do what we do – thanks to our sponsors and community partners. If you take a look at our About page on this website, you’ll find a very interesting fact: 100% of our money goes to our programs. That’s still true, after nearly nine years of full-time operation. No one at this organization draws a salary. Yet we put in huge amounts of time … as our results should prove to you. We also give away all of our programs for free. We charge for nothing except memberships. But like all organizations, we have significant unavoidable expenses. Rent, gasoline, Internet and all the usual things. Plus we pay for computers for schools that provide us with volunteer student assistance and, for the past two years, we’ve also purchased very expensive software for those computers. We make monthly payments to Adobe for that software to give the students a great educational experience as they work on projects for us.

That’s where our sponsors and partners come in, with some additional support from individual donors. Nearly all our funding comes from public-minded, forward-thinking companies such as State Farm, our major sponsor. And equally public-minded, forward-thinking organizations such as Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Fred Gellert Family Foundation and others. Broward Sheriff’s Office has been our major community partner for several years now. Google sponsors us, as does Sears and Dr. David Sharaf’s Skin and Cancer Associates. And Barry University. And Tease Salon. And Boomers amusement park. Without them, we can’t pay that rent, can’t buy those computers, can’t even get to schools to present our programs or work on service-learning projects with students. Without the vital funds from our sponsors, we can’t accomplish much. So yes, today we say, “Thanks!” Thank you to each and every sponsor for each and every dollar or other assistance they provide to us. We’re proud of our accomplishments during the past nine years – and we believe the Humanity Project’s best days are ahead. But we’re aware, very well aware, that we couldn’t do much without the loyal support of these great companies and organizations. Thanks, indeed! Thank you very very much …