Great Company, Great Neighbors

It's rare to find a major corporation that takes seriously the idea of aiding local communities. Especially a Fortune 500 company that's so well-known it's a household name. But after working with State Farm year in and year out since 2008, we can assure you: This company takes community improvement very seriously indeed. And State Farm invests much money, many volunteers and lots of other resources to make it happen.

We are extremely proud to announce that State Farm has once again renewed its generous sponsorship of the Humanity Project. This 2019 funding will allow us to teach many more teens and parents that respect on the roads means attentive driving. And to show these folks why and how they should practice respectful attentive driving to make everyone safer on the highways.

Our newest resource is “The Humanity Project 4 Parents” — a website with a difference. It’s a 20-minute online workshop that really is a workshop, not just a collection of loosely related web pages. You’ll find it here: Visit … At, we’ll walk you through a witty interactive step-by-step experience in distracted driving to show why attention to the road is so important when behind the wheel. And we explain to parents why their driving behavior is the biggest influence on the driving habits of their teens. We hope you’ll check it out.

Over the next year, the Humanity Project and State Farm will bring this new online resource to many families. We’ll also continue to use our other safe driving resources from the seven-year-old I Care program, including our books for teens and parents. (You can download those books for free on our website. Click here to visit our teen driver safety page.) Working together with State Farm, the Humanity Project takes a focus on respectful behavior to an arena where respectful behavior often seems in short supply — on our highways. Together, as a team, our organizations will work to inspire respect on the roads in order to reduce crashes, injuries and deaths. Thank you, State Farm! We couldn’t do this without you.