Part of the "I Care!" student team from South Plantation High School, Plantation, Florida

Part of the "I Care!" student team from South Plantation High School, Plantation, Florida

“I Care!” was created by talented high school authors working under the guidance of the Humanity Project.

Think about it. When is respectful behavior, person-to-person, ever more immediately critical than when we drive? The Humanity Project calls it #respectontheroads, which means driving with respect for our own life and the lives of others. For most of us, daily existence is rarely more dangerous than when we’re on the crowded highways.

Because our founder is a former investigative reporter who spent more than a year writing about highway safety issues, the Humanity Project in 2012 extended our campaign for equality and respect to include safe motoring. It seemed a logical step for us. Working under the Humanity Project, our teen authors first wrote a book called, “I Care/Just Let Me Drive!” This innovative teen-to-teen creation formed the foundation of our program. “I Care!” uses all-original rap poetry, quizzes, stories, even a comic book as a fun but powerful way to communicate memorable lessons about safe driving. The “I Care!” program now also includes original videos, Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram pages.

And because research proves that parents are the biggest influence on their teen’s driving habits, we created a booklet, I Care Live workshop and a website to teach parents the importance of being a good role model.

How This Serves Our Mission: 

The program relies on social connections and positive peer pressure as methods to encourage safe teen driving instead of the usual ineffective scare tactics. It emphasizes cooperation among friends and families as well as cooperation on the roads. “I Care!” is all about helping young drivers to feel connected to other people and to respect those relationships by practicing sensible driving habits. #respectontheroads

Free Resources:

Visit the “thp4parents” website, an online workshop created just for parents of teen drivers: Go to the website.

Download the complete “I Care!” book for free as well as additional copies of the “I Care!” pledge form: Get the “I Care!” book.

Download the complete “I Care!” booklet for parents, created by teens, “I Care: Just Help Them Drive”: Download the booklet.

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Oh and we must give a shoutout to our great friends at State Farm. Their support has made our “I Care!” program possible. Thanks, State Farm!