Welcoming Two New Board Members

Natalia and Simone: New Humanity Project Board members

Today we are extremely pleased to introduce two new Humanity Project Board of Directors members. Simone Finnis and her daughter, Natalia Finnis-Smart, become our latest vice presidents. And Natalia now is the Humanity Project's second student to become part of our official governing body. 

If their names and faces seem familiar, there's a reason for that. Both have been part of our Leadership Council for the past year and a half. They contributed so much to this organization that we asked them to take on more formal roles. They're amazing folks. Simone is a licensed family and marriage therapist. Natalia is a high school senior and past member of Youth Leadership Broward. Each is a passionate community activist. When there's work to be done at the Humanity Project, when there's someone to help or an event to attend, we can count on these two women to be there for us. Actually, both were at the Humanity Project's huge 2008 anti-bullying march in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the nation's first mass children's march against bullying. More than 2,100 people attended that event. These days, Natalia helps to present many of our I Care Live teen/parent driver safety workshops. 

For the first time, the Humanity Project Board of Directors boasts more women than men. As our nonprofit works toward a goal of respect for all in society, we think this is a positive change. We also are strengthening our Leadership Council, recently adding Fernando M. Perez and his daughter, Valentina, to that body. Fernando is an associate professor of sociology and criminology at Barry University. Valentina has served in student government and is an avid reader and ballet dancer. And the Rev. Dr. Keith Spencer also joined our council not long ago, taking over for his wife, Piper Spencer, who moved up to our board. Keith serves with his talented son, Christian. 

Fernando and Valentina of our Leadership Council

Keith and Christian, Leadership Council members

To all of these good folks, thank you. And welcome! You are an important part of the reason the Humanity Project is helping more kids than ever before in ways that make our world a bit more respectful.