A Busy Humanity

We'll be brief today. The photos tell this story better than the words.

Our Humanity Club at Westwood Heights Elementary School, Fort Lauderdale

The Humanity Project is reaching record numbers of kids this fall semester. That's our message in a nutshell. Our Anti-bullying Through The Arts is on a blistering pace. Our Humanity Club is working with all-girl student leaders on the values of respect, diversity and self-worth, aiming toward a schoolwide presentation late this autumn by these girls. Their goal: to teach the same values to all students at Westwood Heights Elementary School -- and help stop the bullying that is such a problem there.

Anti-bullying Through The Arts

Our I Care Live teen driver safety program also is in full swing, reaching many teens and parents with an innovative message about safe driving and respect on the roads. 

I Care Live

In just the past seven days, we held two anti-bullying presentations, two I Care Live events and our weekly Humanity Club.

None of this would happen without our generous community-minded sponsors, who provide the necessary funding for us to connect with so many young people. These loyal Humanity Project supporters include State Farm, Our Fund, Lucky's Market, Children's Services Council of Broward County, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Network, ELE USAL Florida, Google and many others. We can't thank them enough -- and we know our kids and their parents and schools also are deeply grateful. 

Having fun as we help ...

The Humanity Project is busy indeed this Fall 2017. A good kind of busy, doing the things we should be doing. We are busy helping our fellow human beings.