Summertime Safety


Mid-July seems a good time for an important reminder: Teens drive more in the summer … and are in greater danger of accidents, injuries and deaths. If you’re an adult reading this, just think back on your own teenage summers. Perhaps, like me, you experienced some wild moments in an automobile during your high school years. Actually, I was in a terrible crash at 16 that could have killed me and others — but luckily, we all were wearing seat belts.

So a couple of things for you and the teens in your life. First, of course, be sure they discover and share our innovative I Care website and book. It’s all free — we’re not selling anything here except safety. They can find it at this link: I Care teen driver safety program website. This State Farm-sponsored program was created by the Humanity Project with high school students as the writers, illustrators and web designers.

Since I’ve mentioned State Farm, let me also tell you that this public-spirited company sponsors a big annual event called Celebrate My Drive, which awards 100 schools as much as $100,000 to help encourage safe driving by teens. Find out about this year’s event here: State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive.

And finally, I wanted to share a memorable short video that’s going viral on the Internet. It’s about a loving family and the importance of wearing seat belts to keep them together. The message is both touching and powerful: Watch the YouTube seat belt video. I’m hoping all of us remember to wear our seat belts and avoid distractions this summer as well as during every season of the year. But the reality is that teens are more likely to die in car accidents than adults and so need this advice urgently right now. Please do what you can to make sure the teens in your life get this message, very loud and clear.