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As I write this, I’m just back from sitting beside the ocean. Watching the lovely waves wash over the beach, I noticed a mother and her two young kids walking toward the water. One of the children was a toddler, probably not much more than one, and she plodded unsteadily over the pavement toward the beachfront. When this youngest child stepped on the sand, though, she became frightened and soon reached for her mother’s arms. Something about this unfamiliar experience was unsettling to the girl — the world beneath her feet was no longer quite so solid and predictable.

I mention this because it seemed to me a very human experience, that sense at any age of feeling suddenly off-balance in our lives. The Humanity Project has a brand new website for older kids, those coping with an age when they’re particularly prone to feeling unsteady. Emotionally unsteady, uncertain about who and what they are.

The site is called thp4kids and the first news story about the completed project appeared in the media last week. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to see what the press is saying about this truly innovative site for students of about 12-years-old up to perhaps 17-years-old. Here’s the link: Read the news article about the Humanity Project’s thp4kids website.

As you’ll read, it’s a very special site, unique on the Internet to our knowledge. It was created by talented high school kids who have plenty of experience to offer their younger peers. After you finish the news story, you may well want to check out the website for yourself: Go to the thp4kids website. Please pass along that link to any parents or kids who may benefit from knowing about our site. Everyone feels unsteady on their feet sometimes in a society that seems constantly shifting and changing. For pre-teens and early teens who are handling these issues, we created thp4kids … “The Humanity Project 4 Kids!” We believe it can help many thousands of young people to gain a much more secure footing as they step toward their future.