Adding Our Voice

The Humanity Project is proud to be part of the LGBT equal rights movement. We have spoken out about lesbian gay bisexual and transgender issues in this space and elsewhere. Our highly regarded Anti-bullying Through The Arts program always has had a common bond with efforts to end bullying against LGBT students.

Now we’re almost ready to launch a new website for socially isolated middle school students, including many LGBT students: thp4kids. “The Humanity Project 4 Kids.” We also meet regularly with an alliance of South Florida nonprofits that work to make life better for the LGBT community. Why? Everything the Humanity Project does is based on these ideas: that human beings each struggle for that all-important sense of individual value … that this struggle is at the root of many individual and social problems … and that those problems are greatly lessened whenever people begin to feel better about themselves in some way.

We believe humanitarian programs are much more effective when they accomplish a practical goal such as stopping bullying through helping individuals to gain a greater sense of importance. Because many LGBT kids and adults often have encountered negative messages about themselves, the Humanity Project wants to add our voice to those trying to change public attitudes. With thp4kids, we can offer some positive messages of our own at the same time.

As it happens, June is LGBT Pride Month. The Humanity Project salutes those working to end discrimination against the LGBT community in the U.S. and around the world. It is a cause we believe in, the great civil rights issue of our time. Progress is obvious in recent years but much more needs to happen, of course. June seems an appropriate moment to remind ourselves about this and to redouble our work toward that end.