Helping to Rebuild


This post will be brief. There’s no need to dwell on the obvious beyond a simple fact: The devastating Oklahoma tornado shattered many lives, and ended others … and the people there need our help.

The stories have been heart-rending and sometimes inspiring too, like that of the teacher who laid on top of her students during the height of the storm to protect them, risking her own life. She survived. Some of her kids didn’t, despite her courage. I was in tears listening to this brave woman recount those frightening moments from her hospital bed. There are many, many other such memories among survivors.

As always after these awful events, we ask ourselves the question: How can I help? Well, of course we can begin by making a donation. Every one of us can afford at least $10 and the simplest way to give that amount is to text the Red Cross. Just text their name as one word, REDCROSS, to 90999.  I did this and it’s quick and painless. We also can send out our thoughts and prayers to the Oklahoma residents struggling to recover. And we can do something else. We can appreciate our own good fortune, our blessings and our comforts … and use those positive feelings to help us treat others with more respect and kindness. To me, turning tragedy into something that improves the world is the best way possible to honor the dead and the injured and the suffering, doing all we can to tranform the world’s boundless supply of misery into an expanding pool of hope.