Socially Isolated Youth Get Cool Website


There will be a new look for a new year, all aimed at offering insight and encouragement to socially isolated youth. Our website will unveil a major kid-friendly facelift in a matter of weeks. We think it will attract more students to the site, based on early comments by teenagers themselves.

The changes are being drawn up by talented web design students at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida under their teacher, Madeline Rosario. This is happening only several months after the site launched online.This website is the Humanity Project’s Internet home for kids who feel alone and lonely. It’s also a place for young people dealing with sexual identity issues or things like suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, cutting … whatever the problem may be.

Of course thp4kids stands for “The Humanity Project 4 Kids” and it already offers great content for youth from about ages 12-17-years-old, created by high school students for their peers. Blogs, videos, poetry, music, games, interactive content and more. All of it original, all of it with a sophisticated but age-appropriate approach intended to appeal to the young folks we want to help: smart, lonely, perhaps bullied, perhaps struggling with emotional conflicts. It teaches these youngsters that they’re not alone, that other students have dealt with similar troubles — and overcome them. Take a look for yourself by clicking on this link. Our website was created with a generous grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, by the way. Stay tuned for the big announcement and the redesigned website! It is even edgier, bolder and more daring. We think kids will love it — and will feel more inclined to return to thp4kids often for the guidance they need.