'No Bullying Around'

January 7, 2014: Our program at Lloyd Estates Elementary, Oakland Park, Florida

January 7, 2014: Our program at Lloyd Estates Elementary, Oakland Park, Florida


Those are the words from the Humanity Project’s original rap song, the musical number that begins our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program: “We want no bullying around!” the rappers sing out to our elementary school audiences.

Today I just wanted to let you know that our program is back in action, doing what it does best. Yep, on just the second day of the winter/spring semester your Humanity Project returned to the schools with our important lesson. We teach kids that, “Bullying hurts everyone in this school … and it takes everyone to stop it!” 

Our Board of Directors member, Gabriela Pinto, was joined by respected Florida actor, Lindsey Forgey, at Lloyd Estates Elementary School here in South Florida. With two presentations at the school this week, Anti-bullying Through The Arts now has reached more than 15,000 school children in South Florida alone, with elements of the program helping thousands of other kids from California to Vermont.

We are proud of the impact our efforts make — something we check with each anti-bullying presentation through pre/post testing carried out by the schools. Those test results show dramatic improvements by these youngsters in understanding basic anti-bullying concepts. We believe this knowledge will stick in their minds as they move into middle school, where bullying typically is the worst. If you’d like us to visit your school or want to learn more about our free anti-bullying materials, just go to the “Contact” page on this website and send us an email. Our program is powerful, memorable and fun. And most importantly, it works.