Anti-Bullying Resources for You


Yes, indeed. The Humanity Project’s highly regarded Anti-bullying Through The Arts program has generated many free materials to help you deal with bullying, especially if you’re a parent worried about aggression in school. Those resources are as close as another mouse click. Just look over in the right-hand column of this home page. Beneath our “head” logo and the signup for our email newsletter, you’ll find a listing of major pages on this website. Scroll down 11 items under Pages, until you find something called, “Anti-bullying Advice For Parents.” Additional anti-bullying writings are there too, including articles by our Humanity Project Board Vice President, Dr. Laura Finley of Barry University.

But that’s not all. Not by any means. Open up our Videos/Music page, also here on this website. All-original Humanity Project anti-bullying videos are posted and so is our own anti-bullying rap song, which kids love by the way. Or click on our YouTube link toward the top left of the home page. Lots of anti-bullying videos there, all of them created by us … and available to you at no cost. Or maybe your teens would enjoy our website created by their peers: It offers them a large anti-bullying section to explore. All in all, we have much material that can help you and your kids to better handle school bullying. As always, we have to thank our sponsors for their financial support, which makes this possible for us to do free of charge. One hundred percent of our money goes into our programs. We’re proud of that. And we hope you’ll make good use of our anti-bullying information and other works whenever you may need them.