Kayla's Song


Can you spare 54 seconds? Just 54 seconds to watch something inspiring? Yes, of course, I know. We’re all busy. Very busy. And we’re all inundated with this and that coming to us through our computers. This joke from a friend, that link from a colleague. Or whatever. But this particular link is something created by a special student who has worked with the Humanity Project for the past three years. 

Her name is Kayla, an openly gay student and president of a Gay-Straight Alliance chapter at a South Florida high school. Kayla has graduated now. But before leaving South Plantation High School last spring, she put together this video for our www.thp4kids.comwebsite — a site built from the ground up by magnet school students especially for their peers who may feel socially isolated, including LGBT students. If you’ve not checked out the website, please do. But for now, well, maybe you can start with “Kayla’s Song,” as she titled it. We believe you’ll feel it was 54 seconds well spent.