New Mission, New Slogan ... New Possibilities


We are very excited at the Humanity Project to announce some major news for us. As the blog headline says, we have a new mission statement that better reflects our work with kids. You see it over there in the right-hand column, along with a new “What it means” statement that more clearly expresses the specific goals of our organization. We’ve also come up with a slogan that matches the mission, and we have trademarked that slogan: “Helping kids to help kids!”

Take a new look at our Programs page, please. Or our About page or any of the other pages on our website’s menu listing above. You’ll see the new mission reflected in everything we offer.

So why did we do this? Afterall, a new mission statement is a big step for any nonprofit group — why did we need to change? Because this new mission and slogan and what it means statement, along with a new vision statement on our About page, tell you what we really do. We help kids to help kids … and sometimes help kids to help parents, as the what-it-means statement mentions. We find ways to harness the talents and energies of children from kindergarten through high school to help their peers solve pressing problems, all while stressing the importance of each individual. Our Anti-bullying Through The Arts program does this. So does I Care/Just Let Me Drive and, our website created by teens for their socially isolated peers, including many LGBT students. Our upcoming I Care 2.0 program for parents does it too, as we’ll explain when the program is completed.

We tackle social problems in areas where our own experience and expertise can help kids — then work with them to help us help themselves and their fellow students. It’s a win-win approach that is at the heart of the Humanity Project’s original guiding philosophy, which we call “shared value.” (Read a short article about shared value by clicking here.)

We think you’ll find that the new mission statement and other new elements allow you to better understand just what the Humanity Project is all about: “Helping kids to help kids!”