Congrats to Our Team


We’re very proud of our entire Board of Directors. They’re a great bunch of smart, caring, hardworking folks who help make this organization what it’s become over the past nine and a half years. But this week, we want to let you know that two of our Board vice presidents just won important awards for their efforts in our community.

Matt Corey is CEO and President of Insight for the Blind, which records books and magazines for the Library of Congress’ Talking Books program. Matt also is a very talented musician and sound designer, working with the top regional theaters across South Florida. His talents help to make plays into experiences that connect with all the senses of theatergoers. Matt just won his sixth Carbonell Award for creating the special music and sounds used in dramatic performances — count ‘em, six! The Carbonell is the Tony Award of this part of the United States, the top theatrical prize. Of course, Matt also is the sound engineer and producer of the Humanity Project Podcast, which I host. We’ve recorded more than 100 of these programs and I rely on Matt’s expertise to make them sound as good as they do. Congratulations, Matt, on your latest recognition.

Dr. Laura Finley is Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Barry University and the author or co-author of 13 books. And she is a very busy peace activist in the community, for example organizing and leading the annual College Brides Walk in South Florida to draw attention to dating violence. Dr. Finley was just given a wonderful award by her colleagues at Barry University, a prize that recognized her for “Engaged Scholarship.” At the Humanity Project, we see just how engaged this particular scholar really is as Laura digs in enthusiastically to assist our many efforts. She also recently published her latest book called “School Violence,” a work to which I was fortunate enough to contribute a brief section on bullying. Congratulations, Laura, on your new award from Barry University, evidence of continued appreciation by your colleagues of your commitment to peace.

Of course, we’re focusing on Matt and Laura today. But Gabriela Pinto and Bob LaMendola from our Board of Directors are just as accomplished and talented in their fields — and we appreciate them just as much. (Read their bios on our Board of Directors page by clicking here.) All in all, a terrific board … working as one great team helping kids to help kids.