Learning a Generosity Philosophy


This time, just a brief blog to tell you about a podcast we hope you’ll want to hear. And share with the young people in your life. It’s posted here on our Humanity Project website, our latest ‘cast. And it’s called, “Generosity Philosophy.” Check it out at this link: Listen to the latest Humanity Project Podcast. 

You’ll catch an interesting interview with Kim Trumbo, founder of the popular Generosity Philosophy Podcast. Kim was kind enough, and yes generous enough, to welcome me to her podcast on behalf of the Humanity Project several weeks ago. We wanted to return the favor because Kim is such an interesting person, with lots of wisdom to share. (Kim’s podcasts are available on her website as well as through iTunes and Stitcher. Go to the Generosity Philosophy Podcast website.)

Rather than take more of your time with a long blog, we’ll let you swing on over to our new podcast so you can listen to Kim for yourself. We think you’ll enjoy her, as we do. We also believe she just may inspire you to be a little more generous as you go through your day. And please share the podcast with your kids! We encourage you to sit and listen with them if they’re, oh say, maybe 12-years-old or more. Children can get a lot out of Kim’s generosity philosophy too.