A Faithful Friend

Dr. David Sharaf

Dr. David Sharaf


Today we want to tell you a little more about a faithful friend of the Humanity Project — and a fine physician. He’s been my personal dermatologist for nearly 20 years. His name is Dr. David Sharaf of Skin and Cancer Associates and the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement in South Florida. Visit their website by clicking here.

He recently renewed his sponsorship of the Humanity Project, something he’s done consistently for the past several years. We are grateful as an organization. I am personally grateful as well.

Dr. Sharaf does this because he is a good man, someone who clearly cares about other people. I suppose that much is obvious simply by virtue of the sponsorship. It’s something he doesn’t have to do.

But let me tell you just very briefly about my experience with him as a doctor.

When I was married, my then-wife was very fair-skinned and subject to pre-cancerous moles and such. One time, Dr. Sharaf discovered something more serious — melanoma. But he caught it quickly, diagnosed it correctly and sent us to one of the top specialists in the country, who happened to be in South Florida. She recovered rapidly and with little suffering along the way. I owe Dr. Sharaf for that. I trust him to find suspicious marks on my own body, also fair-skinned. And when I had something under my eye that needed treatment with a strong acid solution, well … there’s no one else I would have allowed to use caustic chemicals near my eyeball. But I had faith in Dr. Sharaf’s ability. Well-placed faith, as it turned out.

As you can tell, I think a lot of him. He didn’t ask me or the Humanity Project to say any of this, mind you. In fact, he discouraged me from saying anything at all. But when you’re lucky enough to know a good doctor who also is a good human being, I think people should know. Thank you, Dr. Sharaf! Thank you very much …