Humanity’s Elevator

Humanity Project in Action

Humanity Project in Action


Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly the right words. If someone asks you, “What’s the Humanity Project?” … how would you answer? Well, we have a suggestion today in this brief post.

They call it an “elevator speech.” It’s what folks who run a business create to tell others about their work quickly, something so brief they could say it in the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone. So here’s our suggestion for your Humanity Project elevator speech:

“The Humanity Project helps kids to help kids. They create programs working with talented teams of students, then take those programs to student leaders who teach them to their peers. In this way, they help prevent school bullying and distracted driving and they build feelings of self-worth in a broad range of students, including many LGBT teens.”

That pretty much sums it up – in the time it takes for an elevator ride. Please pass along those words to someone who could benefit from our free programs and materials. Tell them about the Humanity Project and send them the link to this website. You just might help them to, uh, elevate their life …