Welcoming Our New Board VP


Today we officially welcome Ferial Youakim to the Humanity Project. Our Board of Directors has elected her unanimously as a Board Vice President to join our work of helping kids to help kids. We feel lucky to have her as part of our growing organization — and honored.


Ferial Youakim

Ferial Youakim has founded nonprofit organizations and businesses from Australia to the Middle East to the United States. She created Mums on a Mission in Sydney, Australia, a nonprofit group that was honored with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s National Gold Volunteer Award for Australia. She has been a sought-after image consultant since 1986 on three continents, focusing her work on strengthening the self-value of clients around the U.S., Middle East and Australia. Ferial is the founder and director of ByFERIAL, an international image consulting firm, and an author and motivational speaker. She is the founding president of Image Impact International, past president of the Association of Image Consultants (Sydney and Florida chapters) and the Middle East Ambassador and Arabic Community Liaison for AICI. Ferial also was Goodwill Ambassador for the Touch Of Goodness Foundation and Second Runner Up for Mrs Australia International.

But there’s much more to her story, which is told in her new book, “You Are Beautiful: One Woman’s Journey.” The book isn’t out yet but we’ll let you know when it’s been published. For the moment it’s enough to understand that Ferial Youakim was born in a Lebanese refugee camp before moving to Australia in her youth. She now lives permanently in South Florida with her husband, Nabeel, a top Citrix executive. She endured many hardships as a child, sleeping two to a mattress in that difficult camp – and suffering through the murder of her father because he had helped a neighbor. All this is relevant because it has shaped Ferial, giving her a depth and insight that are rare. We know these and other great qualities will help Ferial to help our kids … who in turn will help other kids, their peers, to overcome bullying, prevent distracted driving and encourage feelings of self-value.

So again, Ferial, welcome to the Humanity Project! We are very glad you’re with us.