Feeling Very Lucky

The Humanity Project is very proud to announce our newest major sponsor. Lucky's Market has arrived in Florida and brought with them their well-known commitment to community. We are glad to welcome this business to our region ... and to the growing Humanity Project family. 

Lucky's Market was created in 2003 by two chefs from Boulder, Colorado, Trish and Bo Sharon. They decided to offer something no other high quality grocery store was giving the public: the best food at an affordable price. That's what Lucky's Market is all about. And it's why they now have stores in 11 states, with several locations in Florida where the Humanity Project is based. Their latest opening comes in Oakland Park on Wednesday, August 30 at 10 a.m. -- and we'll be there with two other nonprofits to each collect a generous check from these community-minded folks. We hope you'll join us all at 1033 E. Oakland Park Boulevard. Then you may want to explore the fresh produce, meats, seafood and more ... As we said, the best food at an affordable price. You also may enjoy a visit to their website: www.luckysmarket.com

We are grateful to Lucky's Market for their support, with this new funding going toward our anti-bullying work in local schools. The money will make a real difference for Broward kids by allowing the Humanity Project to teach our acclaimed programs to many more students. Thank you, Trish and Bo, for joining our important work. And for bringing your own delicious contribution to South Florida kitchen tables. We look forward to a long partnership that will benefit our community in many ways.