The "New" Humanity Project

Come and join the Humanity Project … at no cost

Welcome to the "new" Humanity Project!

After 14 years, our 501(c)3 nonprofit is strengthening what’s best about us, improving other areas that needed some retooling. We are very proud to announce that our Board of Directors and our founder have worked together for several months on these important changes, including a Board retreat this summer. Their efforts have resulted in a new mission statement, new motto, additions to all existing programs along with new programs and innovative community outreach.

Keep in mind we're not eliminating anything we now offer kids or parents, only making everything better with a clearer focus that bolsters our work. We're also adding programs that will benefit adults in the LGBTQ community as well as people of color and women.

We have found that many local supporters as well as our web and social media followers worldwide see the Humanity Project as a voice for the inherent value of each human being — and a counterpoint to the often-harsh and disrespectful discourse in our society. Whether in schools, on the internet, on our roads or anywhere else in our communities. Our programs, our other materials such as podcasts and blogs, have always expressed our belief that people can change their behavior for the better if they can just learn why that’s important.

So, drumroll please …. Our new mission: "Instilling greater respect for the goodness and inherent value of humanity." And our new motto: "Equality for each, respect for all." (And don’t miss our new home page video, expressing the Humanity Project vision in one inspiring minute: Watch the video.)

We’re also creating a new “One Common Humanity” program with our own speakers bureau to bring LGBTQ folks as well as African-Americans and women into churches and other groups in the community that want to better understand these often marginalized members of our society. And we’re planning a series of community symposiums for families of transgender children. And more … Stay tuned.

We even have a new “Pledge For Humanity” that you can sign to join the Humanity Project at no cost: See the new pledge.

In the end, what’s happening at the Humanity Project is not so much big change as it is big improvement, a sharpening and re-focusing of the things we’ve been doing all along … and an expansion of our work beyond simply “helping kids to help kids.” We feel sure our sponsors and donors and members and friends will like the “new” Humanity Project better than ever. Because what we’re working toward now was always our underlying goal anyway: “helping human beings to be more fully human.”