Good Neighbors, Great Friends

You've heard the catch phrase a thousand times: "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." At the Humanity Project, we know the advertising slogan is true. State Farm really is there.

State Farm is there to help us help kids. State Farm is there to help us teach teens about safe driving -- and instruct parents how to make sure their children drive with respect for their own lives and the lives of others. State Farm is there to spread our positive message and free materials to the public through their dedicated agents. State Farm is there. 

This public-spirited company is among our oldest and most loyal sponsors ... and our most generous. And now for the 11th consecutive year, State Farm has funded our programs. We can't thank them enough, with special appreciation to the wonderful Jose Soto. Jose is State Farm's public affairs specialist for Florida, a man widely respected for his genuine commitment to improving the community. This latest State Farm grant will allow the Humanity Project to create a new Internet presence specifically to show parents ways to teach their teens about good driving habits. It will draw on our I Care Live program, which for the past year has met with many dozens of parents in live events and workshops around South Florida to offer safe driving guidance. This program has been very well received. Now we'll make that information available to anyone any time through a new clever online program. Stay tuned for details. 

In the meantime, we want to let you know about our gratitude for State Farm ... and to tell you that sometimes a slogan is more than a slogan. It's an expression of real corporate values. Through their sustained involvement in the community, including their consistent sponsorship of the Humanity Project, State Farm proves they are as good as their word: "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." Good neighbors, and great friends, indeed.