100 Podcasts and Counting!

Matt Corey engineers a Humanity Project Podcast

Matt Corey engineers a Humanity Project Podcast


It’s true! Our latest podcast is Number 100 for the Humanity Project Podcast. We began doing these in March 2006, when we still had to explain to most people what a podcast was. We don’t have to do that now, of course.

For our 100th edition, I chatted with our producer/engineer, Matt Corey, who owns Zebra Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s where we record our shows and also some of the original music we use during the podcasts. (ALL music you hear in these podcasts is original, composed and performed by the Humanity Project … including our charming theme music that opens and closes each program.)

Matt Corey is also Vice President of the Humanity Project Board of Directors and CEO of Insight for the Blind, which records Talking Books for the Library of Congress. He’s a highly talented, delightful guy — and a good friend. I think you may enjoy our conversation and the fun ukulele music we performed during the show. Each podcast is sponsored by State Farm, one of the Humanity Project’s major sponsors. We appreciate their support, as always. If you have not listened to any of these programs, we feel sure you’ll find them entertaining and informative, with commentary and interviews and even some Humanity Project news mixed in.

Check them out by clicking here: Listen to the Humanity Project Podcast. And if you like what you hear, please pass along the link to your friends and family. Now, it’s on to the next 100 podcasts!