Taking Care of the Kids


The Humanity Project took part in a fun family event this past weekend: Baby Love & Family Expo. It was put on by our wonderful sponsor, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. 

Above, you see a photo of our volunteer, Gwendolyn Lai, helping one of the many kids who stopped by our booth at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center on Saturday. We had puzzles for the young kids, advice and information for the parents. From us, adults learned how to stop school bullying.

Elsewhere at the huge expo, they heard about other important topics such as healthy habits for families and poison prevention. There was music, there were arts and crafts. Kids got fake tattoos and sat down to hear storytelling sessions. The remarkable clown named Lotsy Dotsy also was around to entertain the children. Lotsy is a special woman who’s employed by JDCH to help sick kids feel better — and she will soon be our special podcast guest at the Humanity Project. We’ll let you know when that program is available on our podcast page.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital recently renewed their sponsorship of the Humanity Project for the third consecutive year and we’ll be telling you more about that before long too. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy knowing that something like this expo took place … an event designed to bring families together in a spirit of fun and learning. For more information about Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, just check out this link: http://www.jdch.com. We are proud to be sponsored by such a fine organization, one of many that provide the funding and support the Humanity Project requires to offer all of our programs to the public — for free. Thanks, JDCH!