Standing Up and Standing Together


We are very pleased to announce some good news: the wonderful Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation has renewed their support for the Humanity Project’s acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program for a second consecutive year. We are proud and honored. If you’re not familiar with the foundation, we hope you’ll check out this link to their website:

You’ll find information about their dedication to the anti-bullying cause. Ben Cohen is a World Cup champion in rugby, a tough sport if ever there was one. But Mr. Cohen lost his father to violence, a terrible incident where the senior Mr. Cohen stood up for an employee who was being attacked and died as a result. As you might imagine, this left a deep scar on the son. And a determination to do something to help those who stand up against violence, especially bullying.

The funding provided to the Humanity Project by the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation all goes toward our anti-bullying efforts, which to date have reached more than 15,000 children in South Florida and thousands more in various forms around the United States, from California to Massachusetts. Of course, we also have our amazing website for socially isolated youth, including many in the LGBT community: That site, by teens and for teens, has a major anti-bullying component. We’re just now redesigning the website to feel even edgier to our young visitors — and we’re adding a hotline through our new partnership with another respected national organization. Stay tuned for more on that soon. For now, we offer our sincere thanks to Ben Cohen and everyone at the StandUp Foundation. We think we make a terrific team.