More Than Skin Deep


We have known Dr. David Sharaf for more than 15 years — and used his services exclusively during that time for our personal health care. A few years ago, this fine and respected physician also became a sponsor of the Humanity Project. And in February, he renewed that sponsorship again on behalf of the dermatology practice of which he’s a key part: Skin and Cancer Associates and the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement.

You’ll find links to Dr. Sharaf at their website: http://www.scacce.comAs always, everyone at the Humanity Project is very grateful to Dr. Sharaf and his colleagues. If you’re searching for a first-class dermatologist, and you live in South Florida, we urge you to consider looking into Dr. David Sharaf. We’ve found him to be caring, thorough and highly competent … as well as a very nice guy to boot. But we’re also impressed with his willingness to help our cause. We’ve come to learn that he is a man who truly does want to help people and is willing to back up that desire in a tangible way. His efforts help us financially as well as medically, keeping us healthy so that we can assist others through our innovative and much-needed programs. Thank you, Dr. David Sharaf. You’re both a good doctor and a good man.