An Invisible Butterfly?



The Humanity Project is proud of our programs and other contributions to improve the world we live in. One of our unique offerings is a set of fables, eleven sophisticated but simple and brief stories for adults. Each  one deals with living life more fully by focusing not on “me” but rather on “us.” The latest fable was just posted and we wanted to share part of it with you here, hoping you will go to the link on this website to read the rest. It is called “The Tale of the Invisible Butterfly”:

How does it happen that a butterfly becomes invisible? Invisibility attends beauty more often than you may think, my friend, a cloak that often hides the unique beauties, the profound beauties of this world. True beauty noticed by no one. Yes, it happens around us every day – and not only to butterflies.

So you may find some small interest in this small story of one smallish yellow butterfly who outgrew her yellow smallishness. And as she turned beautiful, uniquely and profoundly beautiful, she instantly became invisible. (Read the rest of this story for yourself by clicking on the menu link above that says … “Fables.”)