A Heads-up for Parents


Perhaps you are a parent or maybe a grandparent of a teenager. Or possibly you’re an educator who works closely with teens. We have something you should hear: a new podcast with advice that might save the life of your teen driver. Listen to the podcast.

You’ll hear a lively and informative conversation with two parents who now also are grandparents — and as you might imagine, they have much experience and wisdom to offer. We also chat with our good friend, Jose Soto, from State Farm about that great company’s push to save teen lives as well as their loyal support for the Humanity Project’s innovative I Care teen driver safety program. We’re just now beginning to plan the expansion of I Care, taking it live through PowerPoint presentations to parent groups. Our sessions will be fun and funny … and they’ll make an important point for parents: You must drive in the way you want your teenagers to drive. You are their role model.

There are lots of scary statistics we can tell you about. Did you know that teens have the lowest seat belt use of any age group? Did you know 60% of teen crashes involve distraction? The frightening facts are there if you want to look them up. But we would rather help you, the parents or grandparents or educators, simply understand that teenagers need guidance to drive well. And that the key source of that guidance comes from parents, with influence from others who are around teens including grandparents and educators. Gandhi urged us each to be the change we want to see in the world. When it comes to teen driving, we each need to be the kind of driver we want to see in the lane next to us.