School Bell About to Ring


As we enter August, the Humanity Project looks forward to busy days ahead. Very busy indeed. That’s because much of our work takes place in the schools, one way or another. We present our Anti-bullying Through The Arts program to elementary school kids. We take our I Care: Just Let Me Drive program to high school students. And our great new website for socially isolated youth,, will be heavily promoted in the 2014-15 school year too, with an eye toward attracting more young people who can benefit from this student-made resource. We often work with students to create our programs, like the group of kids in that photo to the right. They performed in our first big anti-bullying music video, which now is used around the United States and Canada.

So yep, the beginning of school means the beginning of our busiest season, starting in mid-August and continuing right through June. We’re excited to get going. And since you’re already on our website, please make sure to check out the many resources posted here that can help your kids as they return to the classroom. It is all free. There’s never a charge for any Humanity Project program, something we can do because of our great sponsors. So a big thanks to them as the school bell rings … and thanks to you as well. Your interest in the Humanity Project helps us to help many more kids by spreading our materials to your friends, family and students. And we appreciate it.