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With longtime JDCH clown, Lotsy Dotsy

With longtime JDCH clown, Lotsy Dotsy


Today, we thank our loyal friends at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. They have stepped up now as an official sponsor of our truly innovative I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program.

JDCH also renewed their longtime sponsorship of our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program. Both programs now will be offered through their great Community Relations Department, headed up by the dynamic Milin Espino. The Humanity Project is excited about this new level of partnership. In addition to our own efforts, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s extensive community connections will help us to reach many more kids who need us. The major sponsor of our I Care program continues to be State Farm, which generously helped us to create it and now provides the vital funding to expand I Care each year. We couldn’t make this happen without State Farm.

A year ago, JDCH became very interested in I Care and wanted to help us spread the word about the program. Now Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is even more excited about what they see happening: I Care is in Florida schools from Tallahassee and Jacksonville to Palm Beach and Broward counties and down into Miami-Dade County. We’re also an official part of the teen traffic court system in Broward and Miami-Dade. And survey results are proving what we always suspected: Teens report that I Care is changing their driving habits — and they say it also can help many other teens to do the same. As a result, JDCH stepped up with additional support this year for I Care. Their logo and link even are on the back cover of the I Care book, along with the logo and link of State Farm.We believe this is a partnership that can connect with thousands of teens all over Florida and well beyond, helping to save young lives on the highways. The Humanity Project, State Farm … and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. For more information about JDCH, visit their website at I Care is demonstrating a new way to prevent distracted teen driving — through friendships and positive peer pressure. Our amazing partners are helping us accomplish this by showing how much they care.