Major National Attention for The Humanity Project

Rina Matarasso and her parents

Rina Matarasso and her parents


The Humanity Project is featured in a great new article in State Farm’s national online magazine, Good Neighbors. The story talks about the expansion of our unique and innovative teen driver safety program, I Care: Just Let Me Drive. We hope you’ll want to click on over to read the story — and perhaps post a comment: Read the State Farm Good Neighbors article about the Humanity Project. 

This is how the story begins: “As a new driver, I listen and observe closely what my parents say about safe driving, but sometimes their words don’t match their actions behind the wheel,” says Rina Matarasso.

“I caught myself, a couple of times, mapping on the phone while driving,” says Charlie Matarasso, Rina’s dad. “I take quick glances at my phone to see if I missed a call. I know I shouldn’t do it and I tell my daughter not to, but I still do it sometimes.” A survey conducted by State Farm® in 2011 reported 54 percent of teens have seen their parents using a phone while driving. Parents are one of the most important influences on teen drivers and how they handle themselves behind the wheel creates a powerful example for their teens. …”

Be sure to click on that link to read the rest of the piece. We can’t thank State Farm enough for this new national attention for our very special program — which now offers something just for parents of teen drivers, a fun and funny booklet called, I Care: Just Help Them Drive. You’ll find that booklet available for a free download right here on this website: Read the new Humanity Project booklet for parents of teen drivers. Of course, you already know that State Farm is the major sponsor of the I Care program, joined by other wonderful supporters that include Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Google. Thanks to them, we can bring the public this program at no cost — and so help thousands of teen drivers stay much safer on the road.