A Group Hug


It’s so nice to have friends. Sometimes those friends are people. Sometimes they are groups … groups such as the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. And so to them during this season of love and friendship, we offer our version of a group hug by way of this blog.

You see, this blog is our thank you to these wonderful folks for their friendship and loyalty to the Humanity Project. They just have renewed their sponsorship of our organization, this time supporting our unique I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program. We know it can save lives and we’re always finding new ways to do just that through I Care.

For the past eight consecutive years, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County has sponsored the Humanity Project with a helpful grant — and even more helpful support in other forms. They have referred media and nonprofit organizations to us. They have included us in their own TV and other media efforts. They have allowed us to share our experience with fellow nonprofit staffers by teaching seminars. They have attended our programs for kids. And more.

So yes, our thanks in this holiday season goes to the caring, committed individuals who make up the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. Starting with their wonderful leader, Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, the epitome of a nonprofit CEO who indeed is both caring and committed. And Sandra Bernard-Bastien, Chief Communications Officer, who brings her dynamic energy and wit to the South Florida community. And Andrew Leone, Assistant Director of Community Outreach, who seems indefatigable in his work year in and year out to help both children and parents. And Sue Gallagher, Chief Innovation Officer, who carries her razor-sharp intellect to each project she tackles. And … on and on the list goes. These are good people, working to do good things for others.

We’re proud to be associated with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. They are our sponsor, our partner. Best of all, they are our friend.