A Loyal Following

In our last post we talked about the many ways you can read about the Humanity Project’s work of “Helping kids to help kids!”™ This week let me follow up with a bit of news about our loyal group of social media fans – some figures that may encourage you to join them, perhaps, and also might interest our great sponsors and supporters. 

The Humanity Project now has eight social media pages, with the main links available through the icons on this home page. We’re proud that our organization actively used social media very early on, long before many large national and international nonprofits offered pages on sites such as Myspace and Facebook. We don’t post on Myspace anymore, of course, but our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram pages have attracted thousands of folks who like to keep up with the latest Humanity Project efforts.

As of today, the Humanity Project has 7,496 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And though these numbers may not be quite in the viral category yet, the online world now understands that sheer numbers alone don’t mean much. It’s not really how many followers that matters, it’s how many engaged followers. We believe those people who keep an eye on the Humanity Project’s social media actually care about what we do … and what we have to say about our supporters such as State Farm, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Children’s Services Council of Broward County and all the others you’ll find listed on our “Sponsors” page. Please take a look at that list — these are the organizations that allow us to do our work and then give it away free to those who need it. So today, a big thank you to each of them. We hope you may want to become part of our team one way or another, as a sponsor or member or volunteer. Or an online follower. You’ll find that the Humanity Project can do more than helping kids to help kids. We also can help you to find more of the many hopeful, inspiring things all around us.