Take the Challenge


The Humanity Project is always looking for fun, innovative ways to teach young people. We help kids to help kids — and we often find new methods to get across our lessons. Recently we created a simple game that we’re taking to community events as part of the Humanity Project table. And it’s a hit!

At last Sunday’s Tour de Broward for our great partners at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, we offered a fresh, clever challenge to make an important point: No one is good at multitasking! Meaning, distracted driving is never safe. We may think we’re great at texting or chatting or checking sports scores while behind the wheel. But chances are good the driver behind us wouldn’t agree. So along with our entertaining I Care event wheel, with information about distracted driving, the Humanity Project also has the I Care Tootsie Roll Challenge.


Taking the I Care Tootsie Roll Challenge!

Try it yourself, whether you’re young or old. It’s not easy!

As you see in the photo and especially the video at the link below, we asked young visitors to our table to toss a tennis ball in the air with one hand repeatedly while trying to unwrap a Tootsie Roll with the other hand. No fair using their teeth or bodies to help. It’s a small but telling demonstration that proves people are meant to do only one thing at a time. And everyone who tried it agreed with us. They got the message, along with some good laughs at themselves. I Care Tootsie Roll Challenge — watch the video! 

Our I Care teen driver safety program is sponsored by our loyal longtime friends at State Farm along with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Children’s Services Council of Broward County. Now we have a new game that helps us reach more people in memorable style. Just one more engaging way the Humanity Project is trying to connect with kids, teaching young drivers and soon-to-be-drivers that texting and driving isn’t as easy as it looks.