Wow! And A Big Thank You!

If you're an old Humanity Project friend, you've visited our website many many times. And now you see that things have changed for the better at our online home!

Yes indeed, we have a completely redesigned website thanks to a very special person: Humanity Project Board Vice President Stephanie Wong. Stephanie joined the Humanity Project as our first student Board member, then graduated from college, went into the working world -- and began making a huge difference in our efforts at "helping kids to help kids." First she created a template for our Humanity Club program, allowing us to clearly show schools in advance just what we had in mind for their students.

And now ... all this, a gorgeous website redesign. So far we've had only positive comments about our new site. Everyone at the Humanity Project loves it! Stephanie spent nearly a year working on our very large, very content-heavy website to give us a look that was modern and easier for you to navigate. We can't thank her enough. Please enjoy exploring and sharing the new improved Humanity Project website.