Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital / Memorial Healthcare System: GR8 Partners


We had a wonderful meeting last week between the Humanity Project and our longtime sponsor, Memorial Healthcare System/Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The results of that meeting mean that the Humanity Project’s innovative program for middle school children will reach many more kids in 2016/17 – children who will learn valuable and memorable lessons about respect, diversity and self-value as part of our Humanity Club program. We’ve agreed to continue this program at Gulfstream Academy and to take it to another school beginning in early 2017. It’s part of the Humanity Project’s acclaimed work of “helping kids to help kids,” something we’ve been doing for nearly 11 years now.

But as we get rolling with our Humanity Club, we have to pause a moment to thank the many wonderful people who work with us at Memorial Healthcare System/Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. They are our friends as well as friends of the community. They are among our key partners and sponsors, which includes their support for our effective I Care teen driver safety program. Memorial Healthcare System/Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital recently agreed to another year’s sponsorship funding for the Humanity Project, vital money that we’re expecting to arrive at our door soon. So yes, today a big thank you is in order. Please take a moment to read some of the many names of these friends and partners. They help us to help kids … and to make life better for many families in the South Florida community and beyond.

We must start with Memorial’s dynamic new CEO, Aurelio Fernandez, who we met at a recent meeting. And Scott Singer, Associate Administrator at JDCH. Another important friend and partner is Milin Espino, Community Relations Director, along with such fine staffers as Jennifer Belyeu and Theresa Garcia among many others. We also have to thank Joanne Joicin of Memorial’s Youth Force program at Gulfstream, and Joanne’s administrator, Cammie Cacace – and other folks in Memorial’s Community Services too, including our longtime friend Tim Curtin and Marilyn Camerota and … And we can’t forget the Humanity Project’s buddy, Lotsy Dotsy the Clown, also known as Linda Herbert. (You can listen to our podcast with her at this link: Hear the podcast with Lotsy Dotsy.)

Lotsy Dotsy visits the Humanity Project

Lotsy Dotsy visits the Humanity Project


The list goes on. Great folks, each of them. Memorial Healthcare System/Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital does significant work that helps many thousands of people annually – work that is aided in unique and valuable ways by the Humanity Project’s arts-based youth programs. We are proud to call these institutions and these people our friends. Thank you.