Anti-Bullying through the Arts ... Again


The new school year has begun. And this means our acclaimed Humanity Project anti-bullying programs are about to start too. Anti-bullying Through The Arts is our longtime and highly successful core anti-bullying program. We focus our presentation and the follow up booklet for teachers on one simple concept for elementary schoolkids: “Bullying hurts everyone in this school and it takes everyone to stop it!” By delivering this message powerfully and memorably, our program helps these young kids become an effective anti-bullying force among their peers. If you’d like to learn more about Anti-bullying Through The Arts, click on this link: Read more about the program.

Or … Or you can take a quick look for yourself by checking out one of our YouTube videos. It’s a short sample of the 40-minute program. We think this will give you some sense of what we do:

If you’d like to bring Anti-bullying Through The Arts to your school, please get in touch with us. The program is free, fun … and effective.