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Our guests are the current and immediate past presidents of the Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Network in a wide-ranging discussion related to LGBTQ equality: 40 minutes

We talk with two transgender women who work to improve life for the trans community, focusing on the challenges confronted by transgender people; 46 minutes

Sponsored by State Farm, the Humanity Project now offers a free live workshop for parents of teen drivers. We talk about the program and other safe driving issues with a State Farm community specialist and a longtime State Farm agent: 34 minutes

This special podcast was recorded live in Wilton Manors, Florida in March 2017, a story slam as part of a traveling Smithsonian exhibit called, The Way We Worked: 46 minutes


Our Podcast Archives


This discussion focuses on an important new Spanish language school and a valuable new Humanity Project partner, ELE USAL Florida: 33 minutes

LGBT issues are on the front burner for this podcast, an interview with two top executives from the LGBT community foundation called Our Fund, a Humanity Project sponsor: 35 minutes

We interview two parents and a State Farm community specialist about a new Humanity Project effort to prevent distracted teen driving: 38 minutes

We talk with a teen and her father as well as a State Farm representative about a new Humanity Project program, which shows parents how to help their teenagers prevent auto crashes: 34 minutes

The program is a new conversation with Jose Soto of State Farm about their popular annual teen safe driving campaign called Celebrate My Drive: 23 minutes

Dr. Laura Finley, Humanity Project Board VP and Associate Professor at Barry University, discusses her new book, “School Violence,” and her other work to promote peace: 32 minutes

We interview Kim Trumbo, founder of the popular Generosity Philosophy Podcast, about her efforts to shine a light on people who are working to help others: 38 minutes

We talk about the big expansion of the Humanity Project’s I Care teen driver safety program, made possible by a new grant from State Farm: 35 minutes

A conversation with two Florida high school students working to help the Humanity Project’s I Care program prevent teen traffic accidents, injuries and deaths: 32 minutes

We discuss a major national campaign to help teens watch the road more carefully when they drive: 30 minutes

We present selections from the Humanity Project I Care teen driver safety program and talk with an official of State Farm, a major Humanity Project sponsor: 26 minutes

A celebration of 100 podcasts by the Humanity Project: 34 minutes