Anti-bullying Advice For Parents

Bullying hurts, emotionally and physically. Sometimes bullying even kills. But YOU can help the kids in your life to stop school bullying. Here’s how:

  •  LOOK: Bullying happens in the shadows. When no adult is watching or listening. That means you need to pay attention to your child’s behavior. Watch for aggressive signs at home – maybe your child is a bully. Also look out for signs that they feel afraid or sad – maybe your child is a bullying victim. 
  • QUESTION: Ask lots of questions. What does your child think of other kids at school? Is your child feeling angry or afraid at school? What’s happening to make them feel that way? 
  • LISTEN: Good listening skills are important. Adult attention can help stop bullying. Listen to your child’s answers carefully without making her or him feel threatened.  
  • HELP: After listening carefully, talk to your child calmly. Explain why bullying is a problem. Ask how you can help them to stop it. 
  • THINK: After your talk, spend some time thinking about what’s happening with your child. What other advice can you give them that will help stop bullying? Make sure it will prevent further violence rather than to cause it. 
  • SEEK: You may need to seek outside help. If needed, speak to teachers, guidance counselors or other parents. 

Every adult who is raising a child can help eliminate bullying by talking with that child about bullying experiences at school, honestly and openly. With strong adult guidance, your child stands a much better chance of helping to stop school bullying. For more informationor help, call the Humanity Project: 954-205-2722.