Our Leadership Council is a prestigious, hand-picked group of community leaders who assist the Humanity Project in many ways. These parent/child teams help create program content that will appeal to other parents and kids. They serve as consultants and advisers. And they are ambassadors to help carry our ideas and programs into the local community and beyond. The Leadership Council was first created under a generous grant from State Farm as part of the Humanity Project’s I Care teen driver safety program.

Peter Finley & Anya

Dr. Peter Finley is an Associate Professor of Sport and Recreation Management in the Huizenga College of Business at Nova Southeastern University. He is also a triathlete and, with his family, enjoys supporting local theater and the arts. A student with Florida Virtual School, Anya enjoys musical theater, language arts and trying out new recipes.

Sasha Medvinsky & Victoria

Sasha Medvinsky manages Outpatient Services in the Pediatric Ambulatory Department of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. A registered nurse, she enjoys traveling with her family as well as cooking and baking with her daughter. Victoria is an honor roll student and leader at her school, often fundraising to help children in need.


Mindy Nguyen is a longtime School Counselor for Broward County Public Schools. She has gained extensive experience in dealing with adolescent behavior and loves traveling, including trips to her birth country of Vietnam. Sovann is a gifted middle school student who takes three high school-level courses and plays football with the City of Coconut Creek Eagles.

Fernando M. Perez & Valentina resized -- jpeg.jpg


Fernando M. Perez is an associate professor of sociology and criminology at Barry University. He teaches courses on social problems, drugs and society, and theories of deviance. Valentina is an elementary student who has served as a student government representative and loves reading, math and dancing ballet. 



Gretchen Rovira & Sebastian

Gretchen Rovira is Family Outreach Coordinator for the Federation of Families and South Florida Wellness Network. As a Certified Addiction Professional, she has wide experience that includes work in a psychiatric hospital and in a residential program for Hispanics. An elementary school student, Sebastian is a dedicated video gamer whose next goal is to create YouTube videos.

Keith and Christian.JPG


The Rev. Dr. Keith Spencer serves Trinity Lutheran in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a parish that seeks to be radically welcoming and inclusive with a heart for justice. He is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate whose passions include gardening and photography. A Fine Arts graduate from Florida International University, Christian works as an after school counselor and is the author/illustrator of two children’s books.